In a small town nestled in the heart of Brazil, a community of talented artisans with a deep passion for their craft, were focused on creating footwear that exceeded the ordinary, combining style and function into works of art. These artisans poured their heart and soul into their creations, each stitch and detail steeped in a story waiting to be told.

Among them was Maria, a skilled shoemaker with an unwavering love for her craft. Each day, she immersed herself in her workshop, surrounded by richly colored fabrics, exquisite patterns, and a group of tools that brought her creations to life. Maria believed that shoes were not simply accessories, but an extension of the customers personality, a reflection of their dreams and aspirations.

María was aware of how the pandemic had changed the way people lived, we had become cautious, careful, to a certain extent even skeptical; One day, while Maria was contemplating the enchanting festivities of the nearby Festas Juninas, an idea struck like a bolt of lightning. She envisioned a footwear collection that would capture the vitality, joy and unity of these celebrations; In these festivities, fears are left behind and life is celebrated, the present is lived, thanks are given for what one has and is shared generously, thus "FESTA" was born.

FESTA, which means "celebration" in Portuguese and is the name we have given to our most recent product focused on Eco-friendly Fashion aimed at the uses of footwear and leather goods; it is our response to a new lifestyle that reflects the lessons learned from the pandemic and that at the same time frees us, brings us closer and invites us to celebrate.

We believe that each pair of shoes, bags or accessories that are made with FESTA will become a masterpiece made by artisans who, like María, carefully search for the best materials that give the products they make with their hands with extraordinary qualities; They will not only be beautiful products, but also provide strength and durability.

FESTA offers a soft, very contemporary texture; Its range of colors is bold, with 18 colors ranging from the classics such as Blue, Green, Pink and Red, through the seasonal colours, Azurro, Moss, Wheat and the inevitable White, Black, Ivory and Honey.

With FESTA we want to honor the tradition of our Shoemakers and Leather Craftsmen who have created a legacy, a testimony of love and pride for their trade. We believe that FESTA will become a symbol of unity to celebrate life's moments, big and small. Whether at a lively dance party, during a leisurely walk-in nature, or touring our concrete metropolises, FESTA will accompany its wearers on a journey of self-expression and joy.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of FESTA, where craft meets celebration, where dreams rise with every step. Let the magic of the shoes, bags, and accessories light your spirits and remind you that life is a beautiful dance waiting to be enjoyed. Join us on this journey filled with joy, love, and the desire to be yourself. Welcome to the wonderful history of Festa!

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