Sustainability Policy

At Nuvant, we recognize our commitment to sustainability and in coherence with our mission, we strive to positively impact the environmental, social and governance areas, promoting practices which contribute to the well-being of communities and the planet through targeted management approaches to comply with legal requirements, to improve performance, to achieve its objectives and to satisfy the needs of interested parties.

In this way, Nuvant focuses its actions on the following strategies:

1. Enviromental

• Climate change: Implement the necessary systems and processes to continually improve energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy use and consumption, seeking to offset the carbon footprint, reduce atmospheric emissions to achieve carbon neutrality with a tendency to decarbonization

• Circular economy: Implement circular economy strategies through the execution of waste assessment models, guaranteeing soil protection and pollution prevention.

• Risk management: Manage the environmental risks associated with our operation, through the implementation of plans that contribute to the improvement of environmental performance, including efficient water management, responsible management of chemical substances, control of acoustic emissions, biodiversity protection, animal welfare, land use and ecological restoration through forest compensation programs.

2. Social

• Collaborator experience: Value the experience of our employees by promoting our corporate culture promoting safe, healthy and well-being work environments.

• Human rights: Respect and defend human rights in all our activities. See PO-GCIA-45-2.

• Diversity and equal opportunity: Value diversity and inclusion, ensuring an equitable and respectful work environment where all employees feel valued, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or orientation.

3. Governance

· • Sustainable supply chains: Work with suppliers who share our values of social and environmental responsibility, ensuring that the entire supply chain meets ethical and sustainable standards.

· • Innovation: Constantly seek creative and innovative solutions to address environmental challenges. We encourage research and development of technologies that minimize our impacts on the environment, promoting efficiency in our activities.

• Anti-corruption and transparency: Maintain high anti-corruption and transparency standards in our decision-making and communication, providing clear and accurate information to all interested parties.

· • Operational excellence and economic development: Achieve operational excellence in all aspects of our business, adopting efficient and sustainable practices, from resource management to the supply chain.

· • Community Development: We contribute to the development of the communities in which we operate, getting involved in social projects that improve education, health and general well-being.



ISO 14001

Nuvant has a certified environmental management system, meeting the requirements established in the ISO 14001 standard , which response to the global need for environmental care and sustainability .



Nuvant is recognized for its commitment to quantify and offset its greenhouse gas emissions under the principles of transparency, relevance, reliability and accuracy. A strategy that is evaluated, approved and certified by Icontec.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

Your reliable partner dedicated to the highest quality of material and service. Nuvant is committed to designing and manufacturing innovative coated textiles while working in harmony with the environment. For this reason, we have invested in state-of-the-art emission control technologies that allow us to operate well below the required emission limits. Our multidisciplinary team, which includes third-party advisors well-versed in regulatory requirements and best practices for reducing energy and water usage, is keen on enforcing innovative strategies to recycle and reuse as many resources as possible throughout our production pipeline. Throughout the years, our product portfolio has evolved from solvent-based formulations to more sustainable water-based formulations. As of August of 2020, Nuvant offers phthalate-free, biocide-free, and FR-free coated fabric. Our manufacturing plant is also now DEHP-free.